One Day To Feed The World

One Day To Feed The World:
Hunger is a terrible thing.  For more than One Billion neighbors on this planet, it is a daily reality.  But there's something we've discovered that can make a difference - it's called One Day To Feed The World.  This is a special project that's made possible through Convoy Of Hope.  Here's how it works ... FCC designates one day during the year and encourages every person who attends our weekly services to give the equivalent of one day's wages in a special One Day To Feed The World offering.

One day's pay is less than one-half of one percent of one's annual wages.  And the great news is that every dollar given is multiplied at least seven times through the gifts of food and medical supplies donated by Convoy of Hope corporate partners.

What a blessing to be able to minister to the poor and the needy through this annual project.