Fire Bible

While it is still day we choose to go!!  Where are we going?  We have chosen to go to the tribes, people groups and nations with the printed word of God through what's know as the "Fire Bible."  The Fire Bible is the name for the international language editons of the Full Life Study Bible, originally published in 1992.

The name Fire Bible was first ascribed to this Bible by house church leaders in China after receiving copies in their language.  They called it the Fire Bible because of the study material's emphasis on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, and this name became broadly accepted.  Today nearly 60 language editions of the Fire Bible are in print or production.

FCC has accepted the challenge to partner with Life Publishers in making certain they have sufficient funds to complete this project.  What a wonderful opportunity for us to put our dollars to work insuring that God's Spirit will be blazed into the heart of individuals around the world through the written word of God!